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Newsletter | 06/20/2019

TMTS Special Edition Volume 6
Dear visitor

The German Trade Office Taipei cordially invites you to visit our German Pavilion at the Taiwan International Machine Tool Show (TMTS) from November 7 to 11 at Greater Taichung International Expo Center Hall 4.

The Taiwan International Machine Tool Show is one of the most important trade fairs for machine tool industry in Asia. TMTS 2018 will cover an area of 91,000 square meters, 750 companies with about 4,300 booths will show the latest technology in metal cutting and forming machines, CNC control system & auxiliary equipment, toolholding & workholding devices and measurement instruments.

In this weekly special edition, we will introduce several German exhibitors that will showcase their made-in-Germany products, latest technologies and innovations at our German Pavilion and provide you with their profiles and an overview of their products and services before the exhibition starts.

For links to the main website please click on the company logo, for links to the products (where available), please click on the images.


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Premium Partners 2018

GTO German Pavilion Exhibitors (in Alphabetical Order)

Farsight - igus - Jimmore - Lian Heng - Peiseler (German Way)

Booth no.: 4C155
Our company was established in March, 2012. The target that the company establishes is the agent of ZeroClamp GmbH in Taiwan in the early years. Our sales team looks the rivalry press of the machine work industry in Taiwan these years, specially introduce ZeroClamp zero-point clamping system from Germany and provide the clients with the production planning of the modularity and automation. And from July 1, 2017, Farsight Precision Co., Ltd. inherited Chin jig Technology Co., Ltd. on more than 30 years the fixtures equipment manufacturing technique and spirit in Taiwan, provide good fixture equipment product and production technique for clients steadily. Propose the soundest capacity solution for the client.
Zero Point Clamping System by ZeroClamp
  • Very high accuracy using the HSK principle. On insertion of the stud, the tapered ring of the Clamping pot expands slightly within its resilient range. This results in an absolutely zero-play high precision seating with a repetition accuracy of 2.5 μm.
  • Just one type of clamping stud is required. Logistically simple to manage, since there is only one type of stud that must be screwed into the available stud hole. No differentiation between zero pins, floating pins and free pins.
  • Thermal symmetry. Compensates for thermal effects and for pitch errors. The tapered rings always compensate errors relative to the center of the clamping points. (For instance on a round table the center of the pallet always remains centred on the axis of rotation).
  • No self-locking. In the event of a crash the fixture or the clamping device yields and thereby can save the machine spindle from possible damage. For instance in the event of failure of the energy supply push-out screws can be used to remove the fixture.
  • No Tilting. Uncomplicated insertion and removal, even if skewed or significantly off-centre.
  • Pneumatic low-height system. The patented design of the spring retainer guarantees very high clamping forces. Normal workshop air pressure is sufficient to release the clamping fixture.
  • Patented design, simple assembly. High reliability is achieved by the use of extremely few and simple components. Even chips cannot compromise the functional principle.
Centring Clamping Fixture by ZeroClamp
Powerful flexibility
The centering clamping fixture is the perfect complement to your modular clamping rail system. Components can be centrally clamped using grip jaws, carbide-coated jaws or profiled jaws. Round parts can be clamped using prism jaws.

Variable range of application
Direct mounting on the modular clamping rail system, can be offset by 90°, or on the zero point clamping system. Ideal for 5-axis machining on one extension base.

Booth no.: 4B226
igus® was founded by Mr. Günter Blase on October 15, 1964. In the first 20 years, we mainly produced plastic components for synthetic technology. In 1983, Frank Blase established a production line for motion chains and motion plastic bearings, and established a corresponding sales network. From 1985 to 2018, the company's employees grew from 40 to more than 3,800, with branches all over the world. Igus Taiwan is a wholly-owned subsidiary of igus GmbH. It is fully responsible for the technical services and sales of Taiwan. All products are imported from Germany. Our aim : Quality of German products, Price of Taiwan market. , World-class service.
Products provided by igus®
e-chain®and Accessories, Chanflex® cables, readycable® Drive cables, readychain® Pre-assembled, igulidur® Plain bearings, igubal® Spherical bearings, drylin® Linear slide bearings, drylin® Drive Technology,drylin E®Electrical linear axis, drylin®SD Lead screw units, iglidur®PRT Polymer slewing ring bearings, xiros® Ball bearings, igulidur®Bar stock, robolink® Joint Modules for robots, igulidur® Tripo-Tape Versatile liner, igus® Delta Robot Modular Kit

Booth no.: 4B233
Founded in 1987, we are main distributor of many German products, including Haimer, Hoffmann, Zoller, Roemheld, and others, The main products are CNC holders, cutting tools, tool measuring system, tool balancing machine, hydraulic clamps and so on. We have excellent and professional teams and adhering to the business philosophy of “Professional Manufacturing Technology Tools and Measurement System Import and Export Agents”, Jimmore is dedicated on the pursuit of sustainable business and growth; we adhere to the principle of "based on Taiwan, look up the world", we bring the most up to date products into Taiwan market, and wish to growth with Taiwan machine industry.
Tool Management : Get Started with Zoller – It is so Easy!
You may have a large number of tools in service, but may not have recorded any data for them? Even if a small amount of manual work remains to be done – a great deal of data information can be imported quickly from the Cloud, saving time. This enables you to load data directly to your database, or to do so in the form of an import file, from the portals of the MachiningCloud, from NOVO or from ToolsUnited. From the Hoffmann tool catalogue, it is an easy matter for you to download your component data in the e-Shop and to save DIN 4000 information and graphics to your ZOLLER database. The imported tool data can now be managed in your Tool Management System, they can be assembled into tools and be transmitted to your CAM system.
  • Important data from Cloud
  • Increase production reliability
  • Improve productivity
With the new ZOLLER App you have convenient control of your tool data at any time and from any place. BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD – you can find the corresponding App for each software package in the Appstore. This gives you mobile access to master data, graphics, warehouse information and many other tool data. You can conduct stock entries per iPhone or iPad, or document tool service lives or reasons for replacement. All transparently displayed and easy to use, which is what users expect from their iPhones and iPads. The App can be operated with the internal company W-LAN or any other location with access to the Internet.

Getting started is sometimes difficult! Not with ZOLLER – thanks to the modular design of our software you can start small and build up to something bigger! Please feel free to contact us, and let us enjoy together the benefits of Industry 4.0.

Booth no.: 4B134
LIANHENG was established in 1986 and we started from small OEM factory to welding factory. After 30 years of welding service experience, LIANHENG not only owned the technique qualification from NACHI in Japan but also become the only technique owner of welding range from 5mm to 80mm.LIANHENG is now the Taiwan General agent of German EBERLE and got the band saw blades dealership from the Lenox and C4.We offer high quality products with different sizes to fulfill each customer's need. Except quality certification of band saw blades, we also cooperate with freight companies to deliver our goods in time with our corporate values " Professional welding quality and best customer service "
1. duoflex M42
duoflex M42 is a high performance, multi-functional bimetal band saw blade that is characterized by its high wear resistance and long blade life. The blade is suited to cutting almost all steel grades in workshops and serial production.
2. duoflex MX55
duoflex MX55 is engineered for use in heavy cutting applications. The cutting performance of the high speed steel teeth is substantially increased through alloying elements such as Cobalt and Tungsten.
3. CT-flex 4000
The carbide-tipped blades with CT4 geometry cut a variety of materials with low machinability including Titanium alloys, Inconel, and nickel-based alloys. Additionally, the range extends to cutting Aluminum and other non-ferrous metal applications where short cycle times are required. The teeth are engineered to divide the cutting area over several cutting teeth, so the blade runs extremelysmoothly.
4. CT-flex Pro
CT-flex Pro is especially engineered for sawing hard-to- cut and abrasive materials. The particular characteristic of the carbide saw blade CT-flex Pro is the unique tooth geometry. This is achieved by the tooth setting which enables a maximum free cutting. The minor vibration development enhances the cutting precision and at the same time it prevents tooth breakage.
5. duoflex GTX
The bimetal bale duflex GT is designed to cut large to very large work pieces. Due to its specially ground toothing, this blade is characterized by long blade life and extremely clean cutting surface.
6. duoflex PT
duoflex PT stands for highest cutting performance and blade life in interrupted cuts. Its special tooth geometry significantly reduces vibration and tooth breakage in application, such as pipes and tubes.
7. duoflex VTX
This high performance bimetal blade with variable, strongly positive tooth geometry is engineered particularly for cutting large applications. The new powder-metallurgical cutting edge featuring a very homogenous micro- structure performs much better regarding blade life compared to bimetal blades having a conventional micro-structure. Further significant benefits are reduced cutting forces thanks to an intelligent chip distribution by a multi-level tooth set.
8. douflex SPX
Special materials demand special band saw blades. We developed duoflex® SPX for high-alloy materials such as Hastelloy, Monel, Nimonic, and austenitic steels. The optimized tooth geometry equipped with a micro-resistant, stable cutting edge allows for precise and efficient sawing and long blade life.

Booth no.: 4B140
With a history of nearly 200 years of continuous development, Peiseler GmbH & CO.KG is located in Remscheid on the original site where it was founded in 1819. It employs 200 people and gathers world-class talents. Peiseler inherits unique advanced manufacturing experience, process technology and with strong R&D capabilities, it has provided more than 50,000 turntables to the world. Peiseler is the world's leading manufacturer of high-precision indexing tables and rotary tables.

In 1997, the world's first direct drive turntable was developed and produced by Peiseler. Customized products according to customer requirements combined with existing standard products are the characteristics of Peiseler.

Peiseler has the world's most famous machine tool manufacturer customers.

Peiseler headquarters in Germany has realized network management, which facilitates online query of drawings, parameters, production schedule and inventory. We have a professional after-sales service team serving the international market to meet customer needs at any time.

Peiseler 2-Axis Swivel unit with turn- milling operation 

Worldwide first unit with both operation options in one.

Example: Type ZASD 400

Dia. 800mm faceplate (Alternative also as pallet system)
Transport load max. 1000kg
Speed of faceplate max. 800 rpm
Peiseler NC direct drive table with turn- milling operation

New concept in table design with both operation options in one.

Example: Type ATD 520

Dia. 520 - 800mm faceplate (Alternative also as pallet system)
Transport load max. 2000kg
Speed of faceplate max. 800 rpm
Peiseler high speed workpiece changing table

The fastest APC is the world, less wear, pneumatic drive and with automatic adjustment function.

Example: Type WW 520

1046 x 550mm faceplate
Cycle time 180°= 2x 200kg (2.8 sec.) / 2x 400kg (4 sec.)

German Way Limited Company.

German Way Limited Company is the agent of Peiseler GmbH & Co. KG in Taiwan.

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